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World Sin Moo Hapkido Association of Northern Virginia

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Sin Moo Hapkido So Won Kwan Syllabus:
From white Belt to 1st Dan our program focuses on the exploration and development of the practitioner Mental and physical Conditioning, self Awareness, proper body posturing, combative presence, Distancing and Positioning and over all street defense fighting readiness. We teach multiple bbreathing and meditative exercise intended to help the practitioner achieve a state of calmness even in the most stress full of situations.A wide variety striking & kicking techniques; ground fighting survival and an extensive curriculum of joint manipulations and dislocation techniques base on potentially real life situations and scenarios.  Our technical curriculum is divided by levels. At all levels the practitioner is taught beginner to advance skills on includes; Mediation and Ki development skills; Proper footing and standing skills; Multiple stiles of hard and soft blocking; Basic striking; Kicking; Falling Skills; Unbalancing skills; Ground grappling skills and stand up grappling and trapping skills.

Baek Nyon Chon Mah (백년천마/백련천마)

Study (Learn) 100 Times, Practice (Attention to Detail) 1,000 Times


Stand up and ground grappling & Trapping Skills are the Core structure of our curriculum. The skills are divided in levels or stages of training and proficiency.  

UNDER BELT (Level One)


1- Ki Bon Soo Two (Defending f/r Wrist Grab w/ High, Mid & Low Kicks)

2- Ki Bon Soo Three (Defending f/r Punch w/ Strikes & Elbows)

3- Ki Bon Soo Four (Defending f/r Punch w/ High, Mid & Low Kicks)



1- Nae Ki One (Defense When Grabbed By Both Wrists)
2- Nae Ki Two (Defense f/r Side Wrist Grabs)
3- Nae Ki Three (Defense f/r Cloth Grabs, arm, elbow, shoulder, collar, chest, ribs & Belt) .

BEGINNER (Level Two)


1- Chun Ki One (Basic Wrist Grab Defense w/ Joint Manipulation)
2- Chun Ki Two (Defense f/r Jabbing Opponents)
3- Chun Ki Three (Using Basic Techniques Kicks & Strikes To Attack An Opponent)
4- Chun Ki Four (Defending From the Boxer’s One Two Strike)


ADVANCE (Level Five)


1- Wa Ki One (Defense When Grabbed f/r Behind by One & two Hands from the Writs, Elbows, Shoulders & Collar)

2- Wa Ki Two (Defense f/r A Front Push Just Before Contact)
3- Wa Ki Three (defense from two hand chest grab)
4- Wa Ki Four (Defense f/r Body Grabs; Bear Hug Under & Over Arms, Full Nelson, Half Nelson, Choke f/r Behind, Side Choke, judo front choke, one hand pining choke & Guillotine Choke)


PRIMARY (Level Three)

1- Chun Ki Five (Basic Techniques Transition A Combination - Combining Kicks & Strikes)
2- Chun Ki Six (Counter Use of Basic Techniques)
3- Je Ki One (Defense f/r One Handed Cross Wrist Grab)
4- Je Ki Two (Defending f/r Straight & Cross Wrist Grab While on a Boxer Stance)
5- Je Ki Three (Defense f/r Double Handed Wrist Grab) .

SENIOR (Level Six)

1- Ki Hap One (Defenses f/r Judo Throws & the Sprawl)
2- Ki Hap Two (Defenses f/r Kicks; Round House, Side, Front, Ax & Back)
3- Ki Hap Three (Defense f/r Special Strikes; Knife Hand, Back Fist)

4- Ki Hap Four (Defense From Kick & Punching With Dynamic Multiple Strikes) .

Our Black Belts Dan curricular system extends from the 1st Degree Black Belt to the 6th Degree Black Belt (7th to 9th dan are honorary titels). Once the practitioner achieves these levels he/she will learn:

  1. Shim Gong Sul (mind training techniques)
  2. Kyukpa Soo(breaking skills)
  3.  Chil Sik Sul Sool (choking techniques)
  4. Defense against Multiple Opponents
  5.  Environmental Self Defense (using dally items as self-defense weapons)
  6. Hyel Do Sul (pressure point & pressure strikes techniques)
    • Tong Hyel Sool (pressure point which induces pain)
    • Ma Hyel Sool  (pressure point which induces paralysis) 
    • Sa Hyel Sool (lethal pressure points)
  7. Sin Moo GonKyok Yusu(special preemptive attack techniques)
  8. Self-defense techniques while seated in a chair
  9. Self-defense techniques wile kneeling or seated in the floor
  10. Other defensive techniques from positions of disadvantage
  11. Bang Chong Sool (defense when held at gun point)

    Koryo Mu Kee Sool (Korean Traditional Weapons) 

    1. Dang Bong Sool (Offensive & Defensive Short Stick skills)
    2. Dan Jang Sul /Ji Pang E (Offensive & Defensive European Cane skills)
    3. Jung Bong Sool (Offensive & Defensive Middle Staff skills)
    4. Jang Bong Sool Offensive & Defensive Long Staff skills)
    5. Soh Bong Sool(Mini Stick Skills)
    6. Han-Bo Jutsu (Offensive & Defensive Walking Staff Skills)
    7. Kal Sool (Offensive & Defensive Knife skills)
    8. Nat Sool (Offensive & Defensive sickle skills)
    9. Tan Do Sool (Offensive & Defensive Dagger skills)
    10. Yedo Sool (Offensive & Defensive Short Sword skills)
    11. Jin Gum Sool (Offensive & Defensive Long Sword skills)
    12. Dateu Deonji Sool  (다트던지예술)  Shuriken Jutsu (手裏剣術)  (Techniques of Throwing, Spikes, knife & Sharp Metals)
    13. Pho Bak Sool (Offensive & Defensive, Scarf, Rope & Belt Skills)
    14. Boo Chai Sool (Offensive & Defensive Fan skills)
    15. Chang Sool (Offensive & Defensive Spear skills)