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World Sin Moo Hapkido Association of Northern Virginia

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About Us: Our Dojang (Martial Arts school) is a certified branch of the World Sin Moo Hapkido Association. The Master Instructor is a direct student of founder of Sin Moo Hapkido, Dojunim (founder) Ji Han Jae (featured in Bruce Lee's Game of Death, Lady Kung Fu, and Dragon Tamer ). All Black Belt ranks are awarded directly from the hands of  Dojunim. We are the official representatives for the Word Sin Moo Hapkido Association in the State of Virginia, and the Caribbean. Our students have the honor and opportunity to train regularly with Dojunim Ji Han Jae. This gives our students the privilege to learn Hapkido directly from its source. Through Sin Moo Hapkido Jun Shin Kwan you will learn to handle stand up aggression and the ground and pound. As you train in So Won Sool Hapkido techniques you will learn; kicking, striking; trapping; grappling as well as blunt and blade weapons use. 


So Woon Sool Hapkido  (소원술합기도)   is the Korean name that defines our martial arts school (Dojan) combative techniques. The foundation of our techniques evolves from 40 years of exploration and refinement of Hapkido and other martial arts. We have incorporated concept of three different major schools (Kwans) of Hapkido in order to develop what is now referred to as So Won Sool Hapkido or Small Circle Hapkido Techniques. We sustain the main Hapkido principles of the circle, constant flow or water movement and non-resistance or harmony. Obtained through the concepts of transitional flow, rotational momentum and unbalancing, economy of motion, constant pressure, sustained and stable core base, constant mobility, mental strength, distraction, continues attack and pressure, transference of energy and continues an total control. So Won Sool Hapkido consists of kicking, punching, joint-locking and take downs. So Won Sool Hapkido is a unique art which, focuses on the psychology of the street fighter and the development of the inner being. Over the years Hapkido has been described as; "The Science of Self Defense"; "The Complete Martial Art" and "The Original Mix Martial Art. Join us today for physical fitness and Self Defense. 

What makes So Won Sool Hapkido (소원술합기도) Unique? Hapkido was intended to be used for all offensive and defensive scenarios and situations. This is why it became the official martial discipline of the blue House Secret service and why it became so popular during the Vietnam conflict amongst Special Forces operators. Hapkido was never intended to be a soft art and was never a big circle martial art. Hapkido as taught from its roots in Daegu City Korea was intended to be a soft/hard martial combative system.  Over the year the art was interpreted and reinterpreted by individuals, diluted and mixed with other arts as well as watered down for commercial purposes.In essence So Won Sool Hapkido is Hapkido as it was always meant to be taught.We teach Hapkido unadulterated, unedited and in it's purest rawest fashion. Many schools might claim the same, but the truth is found in our techniques. As soon as you experience our techniques and training regiment or walk in the mat with a practitioner of So Won Sool Hapkido you can see our system speaks for it self.  

Principles of So Won Sool Hapkido (소원술합기도): So Won Sool is an external/ internal art as well as soft/ hard martial art. So Woon Sool techniques focuses on; inflicting continues pain from the moment of contact and throughout transitions; the ability to cause maximum pain without the need to dislocate the joint; the ability to sustain flexibility and mobility during transition, and finally the ability to move from soft to hard martial attacks during the implementation of a technique. In the tradition of Orthodox Hapkido; So Won Sool Hapkido is both offensive and defensive in nature. Since our focused is in self defense we place emphasis in deescalation and avoidance of potentially violent situations. We teach practitioners to engage in offensive attacks only if absolutely necessary. Because our system is primarily for self defense purposes, we do not cater to patterns, forms, katas, or other imaginary shadow-boxing-type exercises seen in other martial arts and we do not engage in competion of sport martial activities.