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Women Safety Seminars (based on CQT, tailored to women)

According to the US department of justice a woman is raped every two minutes in America. Statistics suggest that one in every four women in the US are victims of rape or attempted rape. Studies suggest that 38 % of the women raped are between the ages of 14-17.It is estimated by researchers that 84 % of those women knew their attacker.  Of great concern is the notion that 57 % of the rapes happened while on dates. According to the American Medical Association (1995), sexual violence, and rape are considered the most under-reported violent crime in America. About 42 % of the victims told no one. The most common reasons for not reporting rapes is that victims belief that it is a personal or private matter, and that they fear reprisal from the assailant. A 2007 government report Estimates that between 75 and 95 percent of rape crimes are never reported to the police. This are just some of the many alarming statistics that are found through a quick google search. It is the So Won Sool Dojang staff commitment to promote healthy social dynamics and ensure that no women in our community is faced with an assailant without the tools to avoid been a victim. It is also our commitment that you are empower to show any one that intends to do you harm that you are stronger than he thought. DON’T EVER BE A VICTIM. 

The women safety seminars last two hours and are intended for women with no martial arts experience or with vast martial arts experience or just some training, who are seeking exposure to concepts and ideas of de-escalation, self-protection, and environmental -awareness.  It provides concepts that may aid in some defense situations. Concepts taught can be applied to many other applications than those presented in role play and live drills. We can go to you or you can come to us. Call or email to schedule your next event. We are available with two week notice. Competitive group and individual rates available.

Our Next seminar is Scheduled We look forward to seeing you there;