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World Sin Moo Hapkido Association of Northern Virginia

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Senior Master Robert Bartholomew, Chosun GerSa, 6th Dan Sin Moo Hapkido Fairfax, VA  - CQCT certified Phase 1, 2 & 3 Instructor. 2009 Instructor of the Year Award. Mr. Bartholomew is Master Marquez chief instructor and right hand man at the Gainesville Dojang. Chief Barthlowmew teaches side by side with Master Marquez throughout the week and on weekends. He is in charge of the So Woon Sool group at US Tigers in the absence of Master Marquez. Chief Bartholomew is a scholar and researcher of the Korean martial arts and the art of Hapkido. He is welled verse in the intricacies of Hapkido philosophy.

Chief Master Frank Michalek

5th Dan Sin Moo Hapkido Haymarket, VA. Frank (the tank) join the So Won Sool crew eight years ago to continue his training in the art of Hapkido. He brought with him his wife, son and daughter, two nephews and nice. They all train with him as a big Hapkido family. Frank is a local of Manassas, VA and a 2nd generation business owner of FRANK'S. 

Chief Master Steven Mazaneck 

5th Dan Sin Moo Hapkido - Arlington, VA. So Won Sool Hapkido Dojang. CQCT & PDT certified Instructor. Former Brazilian Jujitsu (BJJ) competitor. Former Mix Martial Arts (MMA) competitor. UFC alternate for the State of Virginia during the 90s. Master Mazaneck specialty is the fine details of Hapkido ground fighting. As a Police Officer in one of the most active districts in DC he is the Dojang field tester, often reporting back on the effectiveness of Hapkido techniques taught at the So Won Sool Dojan in real life threatening circumstances. As a Former NCO in the US Marine Corps.Master Mazaneck introduced Marine Corp personnel and MCMAP instructors to the fine details of the simple and effective self defense and combative material taught by Master Marquez at the So Won Sool Doanjg.