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Dr. Ramfis Marquez, PhD, 8th Dan (Sang Cheul Sunsa ) Jun Shin Kwan-jang-nim 

 Dr. Marquez holds a 8th degree black belt from the founder of Hapkido Ji Han Jae, Dojunim. He is possibly the only none Korean master in the region teaching Hapkido to Korean black Belts Instructors and teaching as a master instructor at a Korean owned dojang.  He is the only Puerto Rican to hold a senior master rank from the hands of the founder of Hapkido. 


Dr. Ramfis Marquez holds a Doctoral degree in clinical psychology, a master’s degree in general psychology with an emphasis in counseling, and an undergraduate degree in psychology, minoring in anthropology. Dr. Marquez, thesis and dissertation focused on the benefits that traditional martial arts like Hapkido have on the lives of people living with behavioral and psychological disorders. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the District of Columbia and Virginia. 


Dr. Marquez holds various black belt ranks in multiple martial disciplines. His martial arts career started in 1977 Taekwondo, Having been exposed and trained in many martial art over the years in 1989 that Dr. Marquez was exposed to Hapkido and he never looked back. He has trained all over the US, Latin America, Korea and Japan.  He has been teaching Hapkido since the early 1990s and has owned Dojangs since 1994. 


Dr. Marquez has been running the Sin Moo Hapkido Jun Shin Kwan  for the past decade, in the Gainesville/ Haymarket, VA area at the School of Taekwondo US Olympic team coach Master Dennis Kim. The founder of Hapkido Dojunim Ji Han Jae visit Dr. Marquez Dojang once a year, and teaches two day seminars during the week of his birthday.


Black Belts and students from all over the tri-state region drive many miles to train at Dr. Marquez dojang.  He regularly has black belts coming to train with him from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Dr. Marquez, has trained personal at his Dojang from the DEA, FBI, and CIA as well as Marines, Navy, Air Force and Coastguard.


Over the years Dr. Marquez has developed various specialized seminars. He is regularly contracted to conduct specialized weapons retention, police defensive tactics, executive security, private security and combative seminars. He is also available for women safety seminars, children safety seminar and overcoming the bully seminars.  Dr. Marquez consults with martial arts instructors locally and abroad on the development of applied and or adaptive martial arts curriculums for people living with psychological, emotional and behavioral disorders.


Dr. Marquez has worked in the field of forensic psychology, mental health and substance abuse for since 1996. Having  worked in correctional facilities and forensic institutions in the US and Puerto Rico, Dr. Marquez expert understanding of behavior and the psychology of violence has no comparison. He is an expert in antisocial behaviors,  sociopathy/ psychopathy and the criminal mind. During the past two years he has moved away from the field of forensics and in to the prevention field. Focusing on working with children youth and adolescent. He is the Behavioral Health Services Director of 3 integrated care practices in PWC, VA, and was the Clinical Regional Coordinator for the largest In Home Services Treatment Provider in Norther Virginia.  He provides life coaching, diagnostic, and counseling services. He also provides advocacy and educational consultation for families within the northern Virginia and DC educational systems. 


Dr. Marquez lectures regularly on the effects of martial arts on ADHD; the effects of trauma in people’s life and how to overcome trauma through martial arts empowerment. He also lectures on matters of personal safety, risk management, the psychology of violence, and how to break the cycle of the modern rape culture amongst teenagers and young adults. Co-occurring disorder and evidence base practice treatment. Issues of cultural diversity in the work place, the downfalls of zero tolerance and how to overcome a bully. He is recognized nationally as an expert on the nature of ADHD and its treatment. Dr. Marquez is always available with enough notice for special seminars, consulting and lectures (contact the webmaster for more information).    Link to Dr. Marquez Dissertation




Sin Moo Hapkido Jun Shin Kwan established by Dojunim Ji Han Jae with Dr. Marquez as it's grand master on September, 2015.

Promoted to 8th Degree Black Belts in Sin Moo and Sin Moo Hapkido on September, 2015- certificate # 56

So Won Sool Hapkido – Developed in 2009 (founder).

Sin Moo Hapkido - Promoted by Dojunim Ji Han Jae to the Rank of 7th Degree Black Belt - certificate # 237, issued May 19, 2012.

Yoong Moo Kwan Hapkido (G.M. Kwan Sik Myung, 10th Dan) - trained since 1989.

Koryo Gumdo - trained since 2002.

Close Quarter Defensive Tactic (CQDT) – trained since 2001.

Tae-Kwon-Do (World Taekwondo Federation, Kukkiwon) - trained since 1977.

Ranks from Training in Aikdo, Judo and Brazilian Jujitsu during the 1990s


Ji Han Jae, Dojunim (10th Dan Grand Master) Founder of Sin Moo Hapkido, Founder of Hapkido.

Myung Kwan Sik (10th Dan Grand Master)- Founder of the World Hapkido Federation and the Yoon Moo Kwan Taekwondo Association.

Dr. Duk Gun Kwon (9th Dan Grand Master)- Founder of the United States National Taekwondo Federation, World Traditional Hapkido Alliance, World Koryo Gumdo Association, World Taekwondo Council.

Wilfredo Sellas (8th Dan Grand Master)– Father of Hapkido in Puerto Rico, Representative for Puerto Rico World Hapkido Federation, Vice president for the Puerto Rico Taekwondo Olympic Committee.

Vicente Morales (8th Dan Grand Master) - Olympic Taekwondo coach for the PR national team.

Aristides Montalvo (8th Dan Grand Master) - Coach of the Puerto Rico Tae-Kwon-Do national team.


Doctorate of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology (PhD) 
Licensed Practitioner Counselor (LPC)
Master of Science in General Psychology and Counseling.
Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, minors in Anthropology


Lim Hyung So (10th Dan Hapkido Grand Master)

Mike D’aloa ( 6th Dan Hapkido Master)
Scott Yates (9th Dan Hapkido Master)
Sean Bradley (8th Dan Hapkido Master)
Morihiro Saito (Aikido Sensei)
Danny Quinones (Aikido Sensei) Former SEAL operator
John Harney (Aikido Sensei)only Puerto Rican Ushideshi of Saito Sensei
Take Sensei (Steven Segal) (Aikido Sensei)
Royce Gracie (Brazilian Jujitsu guru)
Carlson Gracie Junior (Brazilian Jujitsu guru)


The World Sin Moo Hapkido Federation (current

The World Hapkido Federation (Former)

World Traditional Hapkido Alliance (Former)

The World Hapkido Association (Former)

The United States National Taekwondo Federation (Former)

The World Taekwondo Council (Former)

World Koryo Gumdo Association (Former)

The Close Quarter Defensive Tactic organization (Former)

The American Brazilian Jujitsu Association (Former)


Japanese arts: Aikikai Aikido, Iwama Ryu Aikido(Aiki Ken & Aiki Jo), Judo, Aikijujutsu, TaiJutsu, Iaido, Ninjutsu, Japanese Jujitsu.
Filipino Arts: Escrima, Kaly, Doce Pares
Chinese Arts: JetKunDo, KungSuMi
Israeli Arts: Kravmaga, KAPAC


  •  Dojunim Ji Han Jae
  • Bruce Lee
  • Morihei Ueshiba
  • Mas Oyama
  • Miyamoto Musashi
  • Yagyu Munenori
  • Ekiken Kaibara
  • Munenori Yagyu