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World Sin Moo Hapkido Association of Northern Virginia

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Instructor Francisco Ortiz 

2nd Dan Sin Moo Hapkido Jung Shin Kwan

Ashburn, VA So Won Sool Hapkido Dojang Instructor

Mr. Ortiz is an Engineer. Formerly of the World Hapkido Federation in Puerto Rico Mr. Ortiz join Dr. Marquez upon relocating to the Ashburn area and commutes to train under him weekly. He was promoted to 1st Degree Black Belts in Sin Moo Hapkido under Dr. Marquez. Mr. Ortiz has traveled a long martial arts journey that includes Japanese Karate, Muay Thai Kick Boxing, TaeKwonDo and Brazilian Jujitsu .


Instructor Cody Covington a 2nd Degree Black Belt Sin Moo Hapkido Jung Shin Kwan

A local of Manassas, VA. Eight years of Hapkido Training . Started in September 2008. Train in taekwondo for a few years when he was young. He is an organ tuner’s assistant (fixes keyboard instruments) . Likes piano, computers games, cars, and almost anything competitive. A gifted Pianist and overall nice guy.

Instructor Fabian Peralta 

2nd Degree Black Belt 

Sin Moo Hapkido Jung Shin Kwan  

4th Degree Black Belts Tae Kwon Do WTF Kukkiwon. A local of Manassas, VA works and studies automotive repair and body work.

Fredericksburg VA Mountain Kim Sin Moo Hapkido  Jung Shin Kwan 1st Degree Black Belt certified instructors seen in this picture wearing black (Wilma, Ty, Jay, and Clark) 

Assistant Instructors 

Jay Ferriss - 1st Dan Hapkido - From: Stafford VA has 10 years of martial arts training total in multiple styles. Blue Belt in Pia Lum Kung Fu/Chinese Kempo. He is an Inactive Marine Corps mutt (started career as PFC, Aviation Logistics/Maintenance, was a successful DI/SDI, Staff Sergeant, Chief Warrant Officer 3, retired as an LDO Major) now working as a Senior Logistics Analyst (contractor) at Marine Helicopter Squadron 1.Aside from hapkido he likes  his querido nieto & and family and Soccer.


Instructor Jhenny Michalek,

2nd Dan Sin Moo Hapkido

Sin Moo Hapkido

Photographer Business owners  (Aflac & Simply Creative, Manassas, VA)

Ms. Michalek is the wife of Jr. Master Frank. They both join Dr. Marquez to train after leaving TMA Manassas.  Ms. Michalek achive her 1st Dan under Dr. Marquez who subsequently promoted her  to 2nd Dan in Sin Moo Hapkido.  

Assistant Instructor Aaron Morton  

1st Dan Sin Moo Hapkido.

Mr. Morton is an engineer, football coach and Greco-Roman wrestler who started his martial  arts journey under Dr. Marquez as a white belt. After 6 years of  non stop training he achieve the well deserve rank of 1st Dan. He has taken a leave of absence from training in order to pursue an acting  and movie producer carrier at NYU.


Assistant Instructor Jonathan Perez 

2nd Dan World Hapkido Federation -

1st Degree Black Belt , World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) CQCT & PDT certified Instructor.

US Army

Mr. Perez is Master Marquez second Black Belts Promotion. He is currently Serving oversees in the US Army. He has used Hapkido countless of time in missions overseas. His specialty is the Hapkido combative.



 Assistant Instructor Sharleen Marquez-Diaz

1st Dan Sin Moo Hapkido.  

1st DanTaekwondo WTF Kukkiwon .

CQCT certified-Phase 1 level 1 & 2.

US Air force 

Sharleen is Masters Marquez eldest daughter.

She has been training in Taekwondo since age six and in Hapkido since age eight. she also trained for several years in Tukon MooSool. She is an instructor at US Tigers Taekwondo under Master Denise Kim (USA Olympic Coach )


Assistant Instructor Leo Flores 

1st Degree Black Belt 

Sin Moo Hapkido 

HS Wrestler 

Assistant Instructor Garrett Ormond 1st Dan 
Gainesville, VA 

Started in 2007 I think so 10 years 
College student Mechanical Engineering 
Travel, snowboard, skateboard, dance, read, eat, music, and robots